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Terra Cotta


16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas / Matte Varnish 2024

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Terra Cotta is an exploration into the human experience. You see, we are all made of the earth. We are made from the mud, and thats what makes us human. We come from the earth, and we return to the earth, and while we’re here, anything is possible! We are creators created in the spirit of the great creator, and we tend to enjoy creating things ourselves.

Terra Cotta is varnished with a premium Matte varnish, protecting your painting from UV and other harmful elements.

Each portrait of the Universe is unique and powerful! No two are exactly alike, as each one captures unique notes and flavors of the powerful experience that it is to bring a portrait to life. Each portrait is filled with incantations of reiki and buddhist prayers. One intention set upon these portraits is that they may be healing in any way possible. May they evoke something deep and tremendous, human and universal. I hope this painting brings you great joy. -Daniel