We are energy bodies tuning to our surroundings


Creation is a dance with our subconscious

Grid Pop

This is an art piece exploring the effect of gratitude on the plane of reality. The small white sphere on the bottom represents something you are grateful for on the energy grid. The above portal represents how much gratitude you feel, and the pop represents your energy at work.

Center Sphere


On the right is the feminine, on the left, the masculine.

When these two come together, they are joined by the power of the divine above to produce a beautiful new galaxy from the waters below.

Qi Generation

Qi Generation

This art piece represents the generating of Qi that occurs naturally in the human body, and is greatly accelerated by bringing strength to the lower body while easing into gratitude in the upper body while taking deep, controlled breathes.


This art piece represents how our outer reality is a representation of our inner state. When we have disturbance internally, we are faced with their equal physical manifestations



Teal Pulse